So I start again …

To be fair, my knowledge of making website first started twenty-odd years ago, using FTP and Microsoft Frontpage, since then I get by using WordPress and various plugins.  I am far from being an expert, thus meaning when something goes wrong it can have disastrous effects.  One such episode was a few months ago when the Brandon at War website started to go wrong, including the contact me page – so apologies if you did send me a message, it seems they went somewhere, but not to me!  Then the website host greatly increase their cost to a point that I had to shop around.

Anyway, I now have  anew website host, who have been very helpful with my ‘newbie’ questions (Hostpapa if you want to know), a new contact me page (yes, I have tested it and I now get the messages to my email account) and a new look website (all my own work!).  Bear with me as I add the usual content and look forward to new stuff in the coming months.

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  1. Lost Norfolk

    Hello Darren,

    We are doing some local historical research, and when we search for your article; a chronicle of Brandon at war #64, we can’t find it, please could you help?

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