WW2 – 1939-45

War Memorial Names

The men featured here are listed on Brandon’s War Memorial, situated in the Cemetery in the town.  It lists the names of all Brandon men who fell during the Second World War.  Some are also listed on distant memorials in foreign lands.  It is worth considering that there are some men from Brandon who were killed in action but who do not feature on the memorial.


Over the course of my research I have been privileged to meet people who remember Brandon during the war years.  Some even recalled the town BEFORE the war.  Sadly, many are now no longer with us, which makes these memories even more precious.  Some of the memories have been edited to offer a better continuity in the narration, however the words are their words as spoken to me at the time of our meeting.


Below are people who have appeared in my research, sometimes family members have contacted me, other times I have found their story. 

The Town

Did you know that a German aircraft machine-gunned Brandon school children while they were outside on their lunch break?  Did you know that Brandon had a top secret guerrilla unit, hiding in underground bunkers and ready to take on the enemy should the town ever be invaded and occupied?  Want to read about a plane crash just outside of Brandon, days before war was declared?  Bet you didn’t know the Royal Train stopped at Brandon and the King and Queen got off, walked along the platform and took a car ride to Weeting!